March 30

Numbers 25

1Now when Israel was living in Shittim the people became false to the Lord, doing evil with the daughters of Moab:

2For they sent for the people to be present at the offerings made to their gods; and the people took part in their feasts and gave honour to their gods.

3So Israel had relations with the women of Moab in honour of the Baal of Peor: and the Lord was moved to wrath against Israel.

4Then the Lord said to Moses, Take all the chiefs of the people, hanging them up in the sun before the Lord, so that the wrath of the Lord may be turned from Israel.

5So Moses said to the judges of Israel, Let everyone put to death those of his men who have had relations with the women of Moab in honour of the Baal of Peor.

6Then one of the children of Israel came to his brothers, taking with him a woman of Midian, before the eyes of Moses and all the meeting of the people, while they were weeping at the door of the Tent of meeting.

7And Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, seeing it, got up from among the people and took a spear in his hand,

8And went after the man of Israel into the tent, driving the spear through the two of them, through the man of Israel and through the stomach of the woman. So the disease was stopped among the children of Israel.

9But twenty-four thousand of them had come to their death by the disease.

10And the Lord said to Moses,

11Through Phinehas, and because of his passion for my honour, my wrath has been turned away from the children of Israel, so that I have not sent destruction on them all in my wrath.

12So say to them that I will make with him an agreement of peace:

13And by this agreement, he and his sons after him have the right to be priests for ever; because, by his care for the honour of his God, he took away the sin of the children of Israel.

14Now the man of Israel who was put to death with the woman of Midian was Zimri, the son of Salu, a chief of one of the families of the Simeonites.

15And the woman of Midian who was put to death was Cozbi, the daughter of Zur; he was the head of a family in Midian.

16Then the Lord said to Moses,

17Take up arms against the Midianites and overcome them;

18For they are a danger to you with their false ways, causing sin to come on you in the question of Peor, and because of Cozbi, their sister, the daughter of the chief of Midian, who was put to death at the time of the disease which came on you because of Peor.

Numbers 26

1Now after the disease was over, the Lord said to Moses and Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest,

2Let all the children of Israel be numbered, by the names of their fathers’ families, all those of twenty years old and over who are able to go to war in Israel.

3So Moses and Eleazar the priest gave them the order in the lowlands of Moab by Jordan at Jericho, saying,

4Let all the people of twenty years old and over be numbered, as the Lord has given orders to Moses and the children of Israel who have come out of Egypt.

5Reuben, the first son of Israel: the sons of Reuben by their families: of Hanoch, the family of the Hanochites: of Pallu, the family of the Palluites:

6Of Hezron, the family of the Hezronites: of Carmi, the family of the Carmites.

7These are the families of the Reubenites: their number was forty-three thousand, seven hundred and thirty.

8And the sons of Pallu, Eliab

9And the sons of Eliab: Nemuel and Dathan and Abiram. These are the same Dathan and Abiram who had a place in the meeting of the people, who together with Korah made an outcry against Moses and Aaron and against the Lord:

10And they went down into the open mouth of the earth, together with Korah, when death overtook him and all his band; at the time when two hundred and fifty men were burned in the fire, and they became a sign.

11But death did not overtake the sons of Korah.

12The sons of Simeon by their families: of Nemuel, the family of the Nemuelites: of Jamin, the family of the Jaminites: of Jachin, the family of the Jachinites:

13Of Zerah, the family of the Zerahites: of Shaul, the family of the Shaulites.

14These are the families of the Simeonites, twenty-two thousand, two hundred.

15The sons of Gad by their families: of Zephon, the family of the Zephonites: of Haggi, the family of the Haggites: of Shuni, the family of the Shunites:

16Of Ozni, the family of the Oznites: of Eri, the family of the Erites:

17Of Arod, the family of the Arodites: of Areli, the family of the Arelites.

18These are the families of the sons of Gad as they were numbered, forty thousand, five hundred.

19The sons of Judah, Er and Onan: and Er and Onan had come to their death in the land of Canaan.

20And the sons of Judah by their families were: of Shelah, the family of the Shelahites: of Perez, the family of the Perezites: of Zerah, the family of the Zerahites.

21And the sons of Perez were: of Hezron, the family of the Hezronites: of Hamul, the family of the Hamulites.

22These are the families of Judah as they were numbered, seventy-six thousand, five hundred.

23The sons of Issachar by their families: of Tola, the family of the Tolaites: of Puvah, the family of the Punites:

24Of Jashub, the family of the Jashubites: of Shimron, the family of the Shimronites.

25These are the families of Issachar, as they were numbered, sixty-four thousand, three hundred.

26The sons of Zebulun by their families: of Sered, the family of the Seredites: of Elon, the family of the Elonites: of Jahleel, the family of the Jahleelites.

27These are the families of the Zebulunites as they were numbered, sixty thousand, five hundred.

28The sons of Joseph by their families: Manasseh and Ephraim.

29The sons of Manasseh: of Machir, the family of the Machirites: and Machir was the father of Gilead: of Gilead, the family of the Gileadites.

30These are the sons of Gilead: of Iezer, the family of the Iezerites: of Helek, the family of the Helekites:

31And of Asriel, the family of the Asrielites: and of Shechem, the family of the Shechemites:

32And of Shemida, the family of the Shemidaites: and of Hepher, the family of the Hepherites.

33And Zelophehad, the son of Hepher, had no sons, but only daughters, and the names of the daughters of Zelophehad were Mahlah, and Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah.

34These are the families of Manasseh; and those who were numbered of them were fifty-two thousand, seven hundred.

35These are the sons of Ephraim by their families: of Shuthelah, the family of the Shuthelahites: of Becher, the family of the Becherites: of Tahan, the family of the Tahanites.

36And these are the sons of Shuthelah: of Eran, the family of the Eranites:

37These are the families of Ephraim as they were numbered, thirty-two thousand, five hundred. These are the sons of Joseph by their families.

38The sons of Benjamin by their families: of Bela, the family of the Belaites: of Ashbel, the family of the Ashbelites: of Ahiram, the family of the Ahiramites:

39Of Shephupham, the family of the Shuphamites: and of Hupham, the family of the Huphamites.

40And the sons of Bela were Ard and Naaman: of Ard, the family of the Ardites: of Naaman, the family of the Naamites.

41These are the sons of Benjamin by their families: and those who were numbered of them were forty-five thousand, six hundred.

42These are the sons of Dan by their families: of Shuham, the family of the Shuhamites. These are the families of Dan by their families.

43All the families of the Shuhamites, as they were numbered, were sixty-four thousand, four hundred.

44The sons of Asher by their families: of Imnah, the family of the Imnites: of Ishvi, the family of the Ishvites: of Beriah, the family of the Beriites.

45Of the sons of Beriah: of Heber, the family of the Heberites: of Malchiel, the family of the Malchielites:

46And the name of the daughter of Asher was Serah.

47These are the families of the sons of Asher as they were numbered, fifty-three thousand, four hundred.

48The sons of Naphtali by their families: of Jahzeel, the family of the Jahzeelites: of Guni, the family of the Gunites:

49Of Jezer, the family of the Jezerites: of Shillem, the family of the Shillemites.

50These are the families of Naphtali by their families: and those who were numbered of them were forty-five thousand, four hundred.

51Those who were numbered of the children of Israel were six hundred and one thousand, seven hundred and thirty.

52And the Lord said to Moses,

53Let there be a division of the land among these, for their heritage, in relation to the number of names.

54To those families who are more in number, give a greater heritage; to those who are less in number, a smaller part: to every one let the heritage be given in relation to the number in his family.

55But let the distribution of the land be made by the decision of the Lord: by the names of the tribes of their fathers let their heritage be given them.

56As it is ordered by the decision of the Lord, let distribution be made between those who are more in number and those who are less.

57These were those of the Levites who were numbered by their families: of Gershon, the family of the Gershonites: of Kohath, the family of the Kohathites: of Merari, the family of the Merarites.

58These are the families of Levi: the family of the Libnites, the family of the Hebronites, the family of the Mahlites, the family of the Mushites, the family of the Korahites. And Kohath was the father of Amram.

59Amram’s wife was Jochebed, the daughter of Levi, whom he had in Egypt: by Amram she had Moses and Aaron and their sister Miriam.

60Aaron’s sons were Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar.

61Death overtook Nadab and Abihu when they made an offering of strange fire before the Lord.

62Of these, twenty-three thousand males, from one month old and over, were numbered: they were not numbered with the rest of the children of Israel, for they had no heritage among the children of Israel.

63All these were numbered by Moses and Eleazar the priest when the children of Israel were numbered in the lowlands of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho.

64But among all these was not one of those numbered by Moses and Aaron the priest when the children of Israel were numbered in the waste land of Sinai.

65For the Lord had said of them, Death will certainly overtake them in the waste land. And of them all, only Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua, the son of Nun, were still living.

Numbers 27

1Then the daughters of Zelophehad, the son of Hepher, the son of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, of the families of Manasseh, the son of Joseph, came forward: their names are Mahlah, Noah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Tirzah.

2They came before Moses and Eleazar the priest and the chiefs and all the people at the door of the Tent of meeting, and said,

3Death overtook our father in the waste land; he was not among those who were banded together with Korah against the Lord; but death came to him in his sin; and he had no sons.

4Why is the name of our father to be taken away from among his family, because he had no son? Give us a heritage among our father’s brothers.

5So Moses put their cause before the Lord.

6And the Lord said to Moses,

7What the daughters of Zelophehad say is right: certainly you are to give them a heritage among their father’s brothers: and let the property which would have been their father’s go to them.

8And say to the children of Israel, If a man has no son at the time of his death, let his heritage go to his daughter.

9And if he has no daughter, then give his heritage to his brothers.

10And if he has no brothers, then give his heritage to his father’s brothers.

11And if his father has no brothers, then give it to his nearest relation in the family, as his heritage: this is to be a decision made by law for the children of Israel, as the Lord gave orders to Moses.

12And the Lord said to Moses, Go up into this mountain of Abarim so that you may see the land which I have given to the children of Israel.

13And when you have seen it, you will be put to rest with your people, as your brother Aaron was:

14Because in the waste land of Zin, when the people were angry, you and he went against my word and did not keep my name holy before their eyes, at the waters. (These are the waters of Meribah in Kadesh in the waste land of Zin.)

15Then Moses said to the Lord,

16Let the Lord, the God of the spirits of all flesh, put a man at the head of this people,

17To go out and come in before them and be their guide; so that the people of the Lord may not be like sheep without a keeper.

18And the Lord said to Moses, Take Joshua, the son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit, and put your hand on him;

19And take him before Eleazar the priest and all the meeting of the people, and give him his orders before their eyes.

20And put your honour on him, so that all the children of Israel may be under his authority.

21He will take his place before Eleazar the priest, so that he may get directions from the Lord for him, with the Urim: at his word they will go out, and at his word they will come in, he and all the children of Israel.

22So Moses did as the Lord said: he took Joshua and put him before Eleazar the priest and the meeting of the people:

23And he put his hands on him and gave him his orders, as the Lord had said by Moses.

Song of Solomon 6:4-13

4You are beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah, as fair as Jerusalem; you are to be feared like an army with flags.

5Let your eyes be turned away from me; see, they have overcome me; your hair is as a flock of goats which take their rest on the side of Gilead.

6Your teeth are like a flock of sheep which come up from the washing; every one has two lambs, and there is not one without young.

7Like pomegranate fruit are the sides of your head under your veil.

8There are sixty queens, and eighty servant-wives, and young girls without number.

9My dove, my very beautiful one, is but one; she is the only one of her mother, she is the dearest one of her who gave her birth. The daughters saw her, and gave her a blessing; yes, the queens and the servant-wives, and they gave her praises.

10Who is she, looking down as the morning light, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, who is to be feared like an army with flags?

11I went down into the garden of nuts to see the green plants of the valley, and to see if the vine was in bud, and the pomegranate-trees were in flower.

12Before I was conscious of it, …

13Come back, come back, O Shulammite; come back, come back, so that our eyes may see you. What will you see in the Shulammite? A sword-dance.

Song of Solomon 7

1How beautiful are your feet in their shoes, O king’s daughter! The curves of your legs are like jewels, the work of the hands of a good workman:

2Your stomach is a store of grain with lilies round it, and in the middle a round cup full of wine.

3Your two breasts are like two young roes of the same birth.

4Your neck is as a tower of ivory; your eyes like the waters in Heshbon, by the doorway of Bath-rabbim; your nose is as the tower on Lebanon looking over Damascus:

5Your head is like Carmel, and the hair of your head is like purple, in whose net the king is prisoner.

6How beautiful and how sweet you are, O love, for delight.

7You are tall like a palm-tree, and your breasts are like the fruit of the vine.

8I said, Let me go up the palm-tree, and let me take its branches in my hands: your breasts will be as the fruit of the vine, and the smell of your breath like apples;

9And the roof of your mouth like good wine flowing down smoothly for my loved one, moving gently over my lips and my teeth.

10I am for my loved one, and his desire is for me.

11Come, my loved one, let us go out into the field; let us take rest among the cypress-trees.

12Let us go out early to the vine-gardens; let us see if the vine is in bud, if it has put out its young fruit, and the pomegranate is in flower. There I will give you my love.

13The mandrakes give out a sweet smell, and at our doors are all sorts of good fruits, new and old, which I have kept for my loved one.

Song of Solomon 8:1-4

1Oh that you were my brother, who took milk from my mother’s breasts! When I came to you in the street, I would give you kisses; yes, I would not be looked down on.

2I would take you by the hand into my mother’s house, and she would be my teacher. I would give you drink of spiced wine, drink of the pomegranate.

3His left hand would be under my head, and his right hand about me.

4I say to you, O daughters of Jerusalem, do not let love be moved till it is ready.

Matthew 24:1-31

1And Jesus went out of the Temple, and on the way his disciples came to him, pointing out the buildings of the Temple.

2But he, answering, said to them, See you not all these things? truly I say to you that here there will not be one stone resting on another, which will not be pulled down.

3And while he was seated on the Mountain of Olives, the disciples came to him privately, saying, Make clear to us, when will these things be? and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the world?

4And Jesus said to them in answer, Take care that you are not tricked.

5For people will come in my name, saying, I am the Christ; and a number will be turned from the true way through them.

6And news will come to you of wars and talk of wars: do not be troubled, for these things have to be; but it is still not the end.

7For nation will be moved against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and men will be without food, and the earth will be shaking in different places;

8But all these things are the first of the troubles.

9Then they will be cruel to you, and will put you to death: and you will be hated by all nations because of my name.

10And numbers of people will be turned from the right way, and will give one another up and have hate for one another.

11And a number of false prophets will come, causing error.

12And because wrongdoing will be increased, the love of most people will become cold.

13But he who goes through to the end will get salvation.

14And this good news of the kingdom will be given through all the world for a witness to all nations; and then the end will come.

15When, then, you see in the holy place the unclean thing which makes destruction, of which word was given by Daniel the prophet (let this be clear to the reader),

16Then let those who are in Judaea go in flight to the mountains:

17Let not him who is on the house-top go down to take anything out of his house:

18And let not him who is in the field go back to get his coat.

19But it will be hard for women who are with child and for those with babies at the breast in those days.

20And say a prayer that your flight may not be in the winter, or on a Sabbath.

21Because in those days there will be great sorrow, such as there has not been from the start of the world till now, or ever will be.

22And if those days had not been made short there would have been no salvation for any, but because of the saints those days will be made short.

23Then if any man says to you, See, here is the Christ, or, Here; do not put faith in him;

24For there will come up false Christs, and false prophets, who will do great signs and wonders; so that if possible even the saints might be tricked.

25See, I have made it clear to you before it comes about.

26If, then, they say to you, See, he is in the waste land; go not out: See, he is in the inner rooms; put no faith in it.

27Because as in a thunderstorm the bright light coming from the east is seen even in the west; so will be the coming of the Son of man.

28Wherever the dead body is, there will the eagles come together.

29But straight away, after the trouble of those days, the sun will be made dark and the moon will not give her light and the stars will come down from heaven and the powers of heaven will be moved:

30And then the sign of the Son of man will be seen in heaven: and then all the nations of the earth will have sorrow, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

31And he will send out his angels with a great sound of a horn, and they will get his saints together from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.


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