February 16

Exodus 15

1Then Moses and the children of Israel made this song to the Lord, and said, I will make a song to the Lord, for he is lifted up in glory: the horse and the horseman he has sent down into the sea.

2The Lord is my strength and my strong helper, he has become my salvation: he is my God and I will give him praise; my father’s God and I will give him glory.

3The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

4Pharaoh’s war-carriages and his army he has sent down into the sea: the best of his captains have gone down into the Red Sea.

5They were covered by the deep waters: like a stone they went down under the waves.

6Full of glory, O Lord, is the power of your right hand; by your right hand those who came against you are broken.

7When you are lifted up in power, all those who come against you are crushed: when you send out your wrath, they are burned up like dry grass.

8By your breath the waves were massed together, the flowing waters were lifted up like a pillar; the deep waters became solid in the heart of the sea.

9Egypt said, I will go after them, I will overtake, I will make division of their goods: my desire will have its way with them; my sword will be uncovered, my hand will send destruction on them.

10You sent your wind and the sea came over them: they went down like lead into the great waters.

11Who is like you, O Lord, among the gods? who is like you, in holy glory, to be praised with fear, doing wonders?

12When your right hand was stretched out, the mouth of the earth was open for them.

13In your mercy you went before the people whom you have made yours; guiding them in your strength to your holy place.

14Hearing of you the peoples were shaking in fear: the people of Philistia were gripped with pain.

15The chiefs of Edom were troubled in heart; the strong men of Moab were in the grip of fear: all the people of Canaan became like water.

16Fear and grief came on them; by the strength of your arm they were turned to stone; till your people went over, O Lord, till the people went over whom you have made yours.

17You will take them in, planting them in the mountain of your heritage, the place, O Lord, where you have made your house, the holy place, O Lord, the building of your hands.

18The Lord is King for ever and ever.

19For the horses of Pharaoh, with his war-carriages and his horsemen, went into the sea, and the Lord sent the waters of the sea back over them; but the children of Israel went through the sea on dry land.

20And Miriam, the woman prophet, the sister of Aaron, took an instrument of music in her hand; and all the women went after her with music and dances.

21And Miriam, answering, said, Make a song to the Lord, for he is lifted up in glory; the horse and the horseman he has sent into the sea.

22Then Moses took Israel forward from the Red Sea, and they went out into the waste land of Shur; and for three days they were in the waste land where there was no water.

23And when they came to Marah, the water was no good for drinking, for the waters of Marah were bitter, which is why it was named Marah.

24And the people, crying out against Moses, said, What are we to have for drink?

25And in answer to his prayer, the Lord made him see a tree, and when he put it into the water, the water was made sweet. There he gave them a law and an order, testing them;

26And he said, If with all your heart you will give attention to the voice of the Lord your God, and do what is right in his eyes, giving ear to his orders and keeping his laws, I will not put on you any of the diseases which I put on the Egyptians: for I am the Lord your life-giver.

27And they came to Elim where there were twelve water-springs and seventy palm-trees: and they put up their tents there by the waters.

Proverbs 6

1My son, if you have made yourself responsible for your neighbour, or given your word for another,

2You are taken as in a net by the words of your mouth, the sayings of your lips have overcome you.

3Do this, my son, and make yourself free, because you have come into the power of your neighbour; go without waiting, and make a strong request to your neighbour.

4Give no sleep to your eyes, or rest to them;

5Make yourself free, like the roe from the hand of the archer, and the bird from him who puts a net for her.

6Go to the ant, you hater of work; give thought to her ways and be wise:

7Having no chief, overseer, or ruler,

8She gets her meat in the summer, storing up food at the time of the grain-cutting.

9How long will you be sleeping, O hater of work? when will you get up from your sleep?

10A little sleep, a little rest, a little folding of the hands in sleep:

11Then loss will come on you like an outlaw, and your need like an armed man

12A good-for-nothing man is an evil-doer; he goes on his way causing trouble with false words;

13Making signs with his eyes, rubbing with his feet, and giving news with his fingers;

14His mind is ever designing evil: he lets loose violent acts.

15For this cause his downfall will be sudden; quickly he will be broken, and there will be no help for him.

16Six things are hated by the Lord; seven things are disgusting to him:

17Eyes of pride, a false tongue, hands which take life without cause;

18A heart full of evil designs, feet which are quick in running after sin;

19A false witness, breathing out untrue words, and one who lets loose violent acts among brothers.

20My son, keep the rule of your father, and have in memory the teaching of your mother:

21Keep them ever folded in your heart, and have them hanging round your neck.

22In your walking, it will be your guide; when you are sleeping, it will keep watch over you; when you are awake, it will have talk with you.

23For the rule is a light, and the teaching a shining light; and the guiding words of training are the way of life.

24They will keep you from the evil woman, from the smooth tongue of the strange woman.

25Let not your heart’s desire go after her fair body; let not her eyes take you prisoner.

26For a loose woman is looking for a cake of bread, but another man’s wife goes after one’s very life.

27May a man take fire to his breast without burning his clothing?

28Or may one go on lighted coals, and his feet not be burned?

29So it is with him who goes in to his neighbour’s wife; he who has anything to do with her will not go free from punishment.

30Men do not have a low opinion of a thief who takes food when he is in need of it:

31But if he is taken in the act he will have to give back seven times as much, giving up all his property which is in his house.

32He who takes another man’s wife is without all sense: he who does it is the cause of destruction to his soul.

33Wounds will be his and loss of honour, and his shame may not be washed away.

34For bitter is the wrath of an angry husband; in the day of punishment he will have no mercy.

35He will not take any payment; and he will not make peace with you though your money offerings are increased.

Proverbs 7:1-5

1My son, keep my sayings, and let my rules be stored up with you.

2Keep my rules and you will have life; let my teaching be to you as the light of your eyes;

3Let them be fixed to your fingers, and recorded in your heart.

4Say to wisdom, You are my sister; let knowledge be named your special friend:

5So that they may keep you from the strange woman, even from her whose words are smooth.

Hebrews 11:23-40

23By faith Moses was kept secretly by his father and mother for three months after his birth, because they saw that he was a fair child; and they had no fear of the king’s orders.

24By faith Moses, when he became a man, had no desire to be named the son of Pharaoh’s daughter;

25Feeling that it was better to undergo pain with the people of God, than for a short time to have a taste of the pleasures of sin;

26Judging a part in the shame of Christ to be better than all the wealth of Egypt; for he was looking forward to his reward.

27By faith he went out of Egypt, not being turned from his purpose by fear of the wrath of the king; for he kept on his way, as seeing him who is unseen.

28By faith he kept the Passover, and put the sign of the blood on the houses, so that the angel of destruction might not put their oldest sons to death.

29By faith they went through the Red Sea as if it had been dry land, though the Egyptians were overcome by the water when they made an attempt to do the same.

30By faith the walls of Jericho came down, after they had been circled for seven days.

31By faith Rahab, the loose woman, was not put to death with those who had gone against God’s orders, because she had taken into her house in peace those sent to see the land.

32What more am I to say? For there would not be time to give the stories of Gideon, Barak, Samson, and Jephthah, of David and Samuel and the prophets:

33Who through faith overcame kingdoms, did righteousness, got their reward, kept the mouths of lions shut,

34Put out the power of fire, got safely away from the edge of the sword, were made strong when they had been feeble, became full of power in war, and put to flight the armies of the nations.

35Women had their dead given back to them living; others let themselves be cruelly attacked, having no desire to go free, so that they might have a better life to come;

36And others were tested by being laughed at or by blows, and even with chains and prisons:

37They were stoned, they were cut up with knives, they were tested, they were put to death with the sword, they went about in sheepskins and in goatskins; being poor and in pain and cruelly attacked,

38Wandering in waste places and in mountains and in holes in the rocks; for whom the world was not good enough.

39And not one of these got the good things of the agreement, though they all had a good record through faith,

40Because God had kept some better thing for us, so that it was not possible for them to become complete without us.


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