February 27

Exodus 37

1And Bezalel made the ark of hard wood, two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide and a cubit and a half high;

2Plating it inside and out with the best gold, and putting an edge of gold all round it.

3And he made four gold rings for its four angles, two on one side and two on the other,

4And rods of the same wood plated with gold.

5These rods he put in the rings at the sides of the ark, for lifting it.

6And he made the cover all of gold, two and a half cubits long and a cubit and a half wide.

7And he made two winged ones, hammered out of one bit of gold, for the two ends of the cover;

8Placing one at one end and one at the other; the winged ones were part of the cover.

9And their wings were stretched out over the cover; the faces of the winged ones were opposite one another and facing the cover.

10And he made the table of hard wood, two cubits long, a cubit wide and a cubit and a half high;

11Plating it with the best gold and putting a gold edge all round it.

12And he made a frame all round it about as wide as a man’s hand, edged with gold all round.

13And he made four gold rings, and put the rings at the angles of its four feet.

14The rings were fixed under the frame to take the rods with which the table was to be lifted.

15The rods for lifting the table he made of hard wood plated with gold.

16And all the table-vessels, the plates and spoons and basins and the cups for liquids, he made of the best gold.

17Then he made the support for the lights, all of the best gold; its base and its pillar were of hammered gold; its cups and buds and flowers were all made out of the same metal:

18It had six branches coming out from its sides, three from one side and three from the other;

19Every branch having three cups made like almond flowers, every cup with a bud and a flower on all the branches;

20And on its pillar, four cups like almond flowers, every one with its bud and its flower;

21And under every two branches a bud, made with the branch, for all six branches of it.

22The buds and the branches were made of the same metal, all together one complete work of the best hammered gold.

23And he made the seven vessels for the lights, and all the necessary instruments for it, of gold.

24A talent of the best gold was used for the making of it and its vessels.

25And he made the altar for the burning of spices, using the same hard wood; it was square, a cubit long and a cubit wide and two cubits high; the horns made of the same.

26The top and the sides and the horns were all plated with the best gold; and he put an edge of gold all round it.

27And he made two gold rings, placing them on the two opposite sides under the edge, to take the rods for lifting it.

28The rods he made of the same hard wood, plating them with gold.

29And he made the holy oil and the perfume of sweet spices for burning, after the art of the perfume-maker.

Exodus 38

1The altar of burned offerings he made of hard wood; a square altar, five cubits long, five cubits wide and three cubits high,

2And he put horns at its four angles made of the same, plating it all with brass;

3And brass was used for all the vessels of the altar, the baskets and the spades, the basins and the meat-hooks and the fire-trays; all the vessels he made of brass

4And he made a network of brass for the altar, under the frame round it, stretching half-way up;

5And four rings for the four angles of this network, to take the rods.

6The rods he made of hard wood plated with brass.

7He put the rods through the rings at the opposite sides of the altar for lifting it; he made the altar hollow, boarded in with wood.

8And he made the washing-vessel of brass on a brass base, using the polished brass looking-glasses given by the women who did work at the doors of the Tent of meeting.

9To make the open space, he put hangings on the south side, of the best linen, a hundred cubits long:

10Their twenty pillars and their twenty bases were brass; and the hooks of the pillars and their bands were of silver.

11And for the north side. hangings a hundred cubits long, on twenty brass pillars in brass bases, with silver hooks and bands.

12And on the west side, hangings fifty cubits long, on ten pillars in ten bases, with silver bands.

13And on the east side, the open space was fifty cubits long.

14The hangings on one side of the doorway were fifteen cubits long, on three pillars with their three bases;

15And the same on the other side of the doorway; on this side and on that the hangings were fifteen cubits long, on three pillars with their three bases.

16All the hangings were of the best linen.

17And the bases of the pillars were of brass; their hooks and the bands round the tops of them were of silver; all the pillars were ringed with silver.

18And the curtain for the doorway of the open space was of the best linen, with designs of blue and purple and red in needlework; it was twenty cubits long and five cubits high, to go with the hangings round the sides.

19There were four pillars with their bases, all of brass, the hooks being of silver, and their tops and their bands being covered with silver.

20All the nails used for the House and the open space round it were of brass.

21This is the price of the making of the House, even the House of witness, as it was valued by the word of Moses, for the work of the Levites under the direction of Ithamar, the son of Aaron the priest.

22Bezalel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, made everything as the Lord had given orders to Moses.

23And with him was Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan; a designer and a trained workman, expert in needlework of blue and purple and red and the best linen.

24The gold used for all the different work done for the holy place, the gold which was given, was twenty-nine talents, and seven hundred and thirty shekels in weight, by the scale of the holy place.

25And the silver given by those who were numbered of the people was a hundred talents, and a thousand, seven hundred and seventy-five shekels in weight, by the scale of the holy place.

26A beka, that is, half a shekel by the holy scale, for everyone who was numbered; there were six hundred and three thousand, five hundred and fifty men of twenty years old and over.

27Of this silver, a hundred talents was used for making the bases of the pillars of the holy place and of the veil; a talent for every base.

28And a thousand, seven hundred and seventy-five shekels of silver was used to make the hooks for the pillars, and for plating the tops of the pillars and for making their bands.

29The brass which was given was seventy talents, two thousand four hundred shekels;

30From it he made the bases of the doorway of the Tent of meeting and the brass altar and the network for it and all the vessels for the altar,

31And the bases for the open space all round and for its doorway, and all the nails for the House and for the open space.

Proverbs 17

1Better a bit of dry bread in peace, than a house full of feasting and violent behaviour.

2A servant who does wisely will have rule over a son causing shame, and will have his part in the heritage among brothers.

3The heating-pot is for silver and the oven-fire for gold, but the Lord is the tester of hearts.

4A wrongdoer gives attention to evil lips, and a man of deceit gives ear to a damaging tongue.

5Whoever makes sport of the poor puts shame on his Maker; and he who is glad because of trouble will not go free from punishment.

6Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their fathers.

7Fair words are not to be looked for from a foolish man, much less are false lips in a ruler.

8An offering of money is like a stone of great price in the eyes of him who has it: wherever he goes, he does well.

9He who keeps a sin covered is looking for love; but he who keeps on talking of a thing makes division between friends.

10A word of protest goes deeper into one who has sense than a hundred blows into a foolish man.

11An uncontrolled man is only looking for trouble, so a cruel servant will be sent against him.

12It is better to come face to face with a bear whose young ones have been taken away than with a foolish man acting foolishly.

13If anyone gives back evil for good, evil will never go away from his house.

14The start of fighting is like the letting out of water: so give up before it comes to blows.

15He who gives a decision for the evil-doer and he who gives a decision against the upright, are equally disgusting to the Lord.

16How will money in the hand of the foolish get him wisdom, seeing that he has no sense?

17A friend is loving at all times, and becomes a brother in times of trouble.

18A man without sense gives his hand in an agreement, and makes himself responsible before his neighbour.

19The lover of fighting is a lover of sin: he who makes high his doorway is looking for destruction.

20Nothing good comes to him whose heart is fixed on evil purposes: and he who has an evil tongue will come to trouble.

21He who has an unwise son gets sorrow for himself, and the father of a foolish son has no joy.

22A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.

23A sinner takes an offering out of his robe, to get a decision for himself in a cause.

24Wisdom is before the face of him who has sense; but the eyes of the foolish are on the ends of the earth.

25A foolish son is a grief to his father, and bitter pain to her who gave him birth.

26To give punishment to the upright is not good, or to give blows to the noble for their righteousness.

27He who has knowledge says little: and he who has a calm spirit is a man of good sense.

28Even the foolish man, when he keeps quiet, is taken to be wise: when his lips are shut he is credited with good sense.

Matthew 7

1Be not judges of others, and you will not be judged.

2For as you have been judging, so you will be judged, and with your measure will it be measured to you.

3And why do you take note of the grain of dust in your brother’s eye, but take no note of the bit of wood which is in your eye?

4Or how will you say to your brother, Let me take out the grain of dust from your eye, when you yourself have a bit of wood in your eye?

5You false one, first take out the bit of wood from your eye, then will you see clearly to take out the grain of dust from your brother’s eye.

6Do not give that which is holy to the dogs, or put your jewels before pigs, for fear that they will be crushed under foot by the pigs whose attack will then be made against you.

7Make a request, and it will be answered; what you are searching for you will get; give the sign, and the door will be open to you:

8Because to everyone who makes a request, it will be given; and he who is searching will get his desire, and to him who gives the sign, the door will be open.

9Or which of you, if his son makes a request for bread, will give him a stone?

10Or if he makes a request for a fish, will give him a snake?

11If you, then, being evil, are able to give good things to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who make requests to him?

12All those things, then, which you would have men do to you, even so do you to them: because this is the law and the prophets.

13Go in by the narrow door; for wide is the door and open is the way which goes to destruction, and great numbers go in by it.

14For narrow is the door and hard the road to life, and only a small number make discovery of it.

15Be on the watch for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inside they are cruel wolves.

16By their fruits you will get knowledge of them. Do men get grapes from thorns or figs from thistles?

17Even so, every good tree gives good fruit; but the bad tree gives evil fruit.

18It is not possible for a good tree to give bad fruit, and a bad tree will not give good fruit.

19Every tree which does not give good fruit is cut down and put in the fire.

20So by their fruits you will get knowledge of them.

21Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will go into the kingdom of heaven; but he who does the pleasure of my Father in heaven.

22A great number will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, were we not prophets in your name, and did we not by your name send out evil spirits, and by your name do works of power?

23And then will I say to them, I never had knowledge of you: go from me, you workers of evil.

24Everyone, then, to whom my words come and who does them, will be like a wise man who made his house on a rock;

25And the rain came down and there was a rush of waters and the winds were driving against that house, but it was not moved; because it was based on the rock.

26And everyone to whom my words come and who does them not, will be like a foolish man who made his house on sand;

27And the rain came down and there was a rush of waters and the winds were driving against that house; and it came down and great was its fall.

28And it came about, when Jesus had come to the end of these words, that the people were surprised at his teaching,

29for he was teaching as one having authority, and not as their scribes.


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